5 Tips to Make Your Harrow, Pinner and Rayners Lane Property Look Lighter and Larger

Not Every Property Has Large Windows or Plenty of Floor Space!

Space and light are two key things that tenants, and buyers are looking for when searching for a home in Harrow, Pinner and Rayners. Sadly, not every property has large windows or plenty of floor space. However, if your property happens to be a compact basement flat, there’s no need for dismay.

There are some top tips that our team here at AJ Home Solutions  want to share with you, so you can make your spaces look brighter, larger, and more attractive to prospective renters and purchasers.

Choose Light Skirting, Coving and Wall Paint

If you choose a light paint colour, you’ll see more light bouncing around your room. Paint the ceiling smoothly in white and choose a pale colour for your coving and skirting boards. This will eliminate any visual barriers, creating the illusion of more space.

Avoid Stripes and Lines

Stripes and lines make a space appear narrower. Therefore, if you’re laying laminate or wooden flooring, choose wider boards with fewer joins. If you’re laying flooring in your hallway, this is particularly important as many vertical lines can make a space that is already lacking in width feel even more narrow.

If your living room floor is small, don’t lay a rug as the space will appear cluttered. When it comes to the bathroom and kitchen if you’re planning to tile the walls and floor, choose large wall tiles to make the space feel larger and lay square floor tiles in a diamond orientation to give the illusion of extra space.

Use Mirrors to Your Advantage

Mirrors can create the illusion of more space, depth, and light in your rooms and work especially well when it comes to making narrow hallways appear wider and more spacious. Place large mirrors on opposing walls at an angle of 90 degrees to the window so the light will bounce around the space, making it look and feel brighter and larger. Hang pictures and mirrors in portrait orientation too as this makes the room appear to have a much higher ceiling.

Place Lamps Strategically

If you have dark corners, place lamps strategically to create more atmosphere while brightening up those dimly lit areas. This is especially important if you’re marketing your home in the winter when there’s less natural light. If you have a basement flat, fit spotlights in the ceiling to lighten the space effectively.

Arrange Your Furniture Well

Ensure that people can walk into your rooms without feeling crowded but avoid falling into the common trap of putting all the furniture in corners and against the walls. Instead, keep your furnishings minimal and place them away from windows so no natural light will be blocked out. In a small room, choose a glass table rather than a wooden one which acts as a barrier for the eyes.

Selling or Letting Your Home? We Can Help

Whether you’re keen to sell or rent out your property in Harrow, Pinner and Rayners adding more space and light to your home increases value helping you achieve the best possible price. It also ensures you find a tenant or a buyer as quickly as possible.

Here at  AJ Home Solutions, we’re experts in the local property market, so give us a call on (020) 8866 8525  or email us at info@ajhomesolutions.co.uk

We’re looking forward to working with you.


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